What is K2?


What is K2?

The software is combined business process management, connect all employee in an organization and integrate various system together. K2 Five is a Business Process Management platform, allow people to build and run business application with low-code which was designed to pull together people, services, information, and systems into process-driven applications that help transform the business. It is enabling users to convert their manual, paper-based processes into flexible digital solutions.

How good is it?

Easy to build up Business Application 
K2 allows user to build up Business Application without code knowledge.

Improve Business Application to meet any customer needs 
K2 was designed to provide customers with any requirement whether it is easy or difficult and expedite the process.

Faster work process 
With automated process, it provides users with real time update and offer users with convenience due to users can work anywhere/anytime through smart-phone.

Reduce work error 
K2 transforms manual work to automated, offer user with easier review workflow.

Integration with any systems 
There is a tool called Smart Object which able to join up with others system/software smoothly.

Status and Process Check
System will show the status of process whether time or work duration for all the time through both PC and smart-phone.

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